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Free Clipart for Teachers - for personal and commercial use

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Coronavirus – any of a group of RNA viruses that cause a variety of diseases in humans and other animals. Covid – 19 –  a mild to severe respiratory illness caused by a coronavirus. Quarantine– a place where people who are well but might carry a serious infection are put Isolation – a place where ill people who are infected are put Epidemic – a common occurence of an infectious usually respiratory disease at a particular time during a year Pandemic- a situation when a disease becomes prevalent in the world and it is difficult to treat it 
Lockdown – a situation when there is no access allowed to a particular area

Autonomy in Language Learning

AbstractGiven the fact that modern technologies give more freedom in ways language learners will conduct their learning, it seems that there is more demand for direction of their learning. This writingwill ty to provide some answers to whether autonomy in language learning helps students in enhancing their productivity while learning a language. In addition to this, it will be researched if mobile assisted language learning (MALL) and podcast can ensure productivity, all combined with autonomy. This work aims to illuminate the effect of autonomy approach on language learning as well as if there is any effect of mobile phones and podcast on learner productivity.
Key words: autonomy, language learning, podcast, MALL, technology...

INTRODUCTIONThis thesis is motivated by four research questions : 1.What is autonomy in language learning? 2.Is autonomy in language learning needed for acquiring a foreign language? 3.Is it possible formobile phones and podcasts to help learners to achieve better …