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Complete the gaps in these sentences with the correct passive form of the verb in brackets.

1. Thirty-five cars ......................... from the city centre since January. (steal)
2. Alcoholic drinks .................................... to children under 16. (not sell)
3. ......................the bridge ................. a long time ago? (build)
4. The hole in my roof ................. next Friday . (repair)
5. Mary ..................... about the accident yet. (not tell)

Rewrite the sentences in passive voice.

1. I can answer the question. -
2. She would carry the box. -
3. You should open the window. -
4. We might play cards. -
5. You ought to wash the car. -
6. He must fill in the form. -
7. They need not buy bread. -
8. He could not read the sentence. -
9. Will the teacher test our English? -
10. Could Jenny lock the door? -

Fill the gaps with the correct tenses (active or passive voice).

1. In the year 122 AD, the Roman Emperor Hadrian (visit) his provinces in Britain.
2. On his visit, the Roman soldiers (tell) him that Pictish tribes from Britain’s north (attack) them.
3. So Hadrian (give) the order to build a protective wall across one of the narrowest parts of the country.
4. After 6 years of hard work, the Wall (finish) in 128.
5. It (be) 117 kilometres long and about 4 metres high.
6. The Wall (guard) by 15,000 Roman soldiers.
7. Every 8 kilometres there (be) a large fort in which up to 1,000 soldiers (find) shelter.
8. The soldiers (watch) over the frontier to the north and (check) the people who (want) to enter or leave Roman Britain.
9. In order to pass through the Wall, people (must go) to one of the small forts that (serve) as gateways.
10. Those forts (call) milecastles because the distance from one fort to another (be) one Roman mile (about 1,500 metres).
11. Between the milecastles there (be) two turrets from which the soldiers (guard) the Wall.
12. If the Wall (attack) by enemies, the soldiers at the turrets (run) to the nearest milecastle for help or (light) a fire that (can / see) by the soldiers in the milecastle.
13. In 383 Hadrian’s Wall (abandon) .
14. Today Hadrian’s Wall (be) the most popular tourist attraction in northern England.
15. In 1987, it (become) a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

A) Rewrite the sentences in Passive voice.

Example: The students wrote letters.
Letters were written by the students.

1) My friend bought a new car.
2) They understand Spanish.
3) The mechanic repairs cars.

B) Make correct passive forms. Mind the tenses in brackets.

Example: the car – to produce (Simple Present)
The car is produced

1) stories – to tell (Simple Present)
2) computer games – to buy (Simple Present)
3) songs – to sing (Simple Past)

C) Rewrite the sentences in Active voice.

Example: Letters were written by the students.
The students wrote letters.

1) Coffee is sold by Marie.
2) The club was founded by Ron and Peggy.
3) Football is played by the children.

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