Tuesday, 17 June 2014


Fill in with much or many:

1.     There aren't____apples left.
2.     How____money do you need for the books?
3.     Are there____people at the party?
4.     There are____nice people in here.
5.     We don't have____time. Please hurry up!
6.     I can see____children playing in the garden!
Much / Many- exercises and explanations
7.     It happened to me____times!
8.     I'd like to have____opportunities for travelling.
9.     There isn't____sugar left.
10.   How____chairs can you see?
11.   A: I've got a bad mark.
B: How____mistakes have you made?
A: ____ mistakes...
12.   ____ native English speakers give private lessons. If you have enough time and money, you can hire someone.
13.   I haven't eaten so _____apples recently!
14.   How ____dollars do you have with you?
15.   Since Peter doesn't have_____time, he can't come to see me.
16.   How____tea would you like?
17.   He can't get much_____attention he used to have, that's why he is so nervous.
18.   We had____difficult exercises to do for our homework.
19.   ____rainy days caused lots of floods in our country.
20.   How ____energy does the world need?
21.   Here you can find ____nice skirts and T-shirts.
22.   You'll not have____freedom to choose what you like to eat if you stay there.
23.   Do you have____work to do?
24.   Lisa has _____toys she doesn't want to play with.
25.   As you're late there's not____cake left.
26.   Simon faced_____problems yesterday.
27.   She used to get_____presents.
28.   They don't seem to have_____

Much- before uncountable nouns in questions and negative sentences. Not usually used in positive sentences.

·         How much time do we have?

·         There isn't much sugar left.
Not: There is much sugar. You'd say: There is a lot of sugar.

Drill: Exercise 2 (practising the use of much and many)

1.     Make up as many sentences as possible with much and many. You have 5 minutes. How many sentences were you able to make?
2.     For homework make 10 sentences with much and 10 with many then read them out loud on the next class.
3.     Read some articles on the Internet and search for the examples of much and many in different contexts.

Many-used before countable nouns in plural. It is used in positive, negative sentences and questions.

  • There are many children outside.
  • There aren't many of them.

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