Sunday, 16 September 2012

Past Simple / Present Perfect


  1. Here are your shoes; I_________(just clean) them.
  2. I____(leave) home at 8.00 and ______(get) her at twelve.
  3. He______(just go) out.
  4. He_________(go) out ten minutes ago.
  5. I_______(meet) him last June.
  6. The concert________(begin) at 2.30 and _____(last) for two hours. Everyone_______(enjoy) it very much.
  7. The play________(just begin).You are a little late.
  8. The actors ________(arrive) yesterday and _______(start) rehearsalsearly this morning.
  9. Cervantes________(write) Don Quixote.
  10. I__________(write) the letter, but I can't find a stamp.
  11. A:____you____(have) breakfast yet? B: Yes, I____(have) it at 8.00.
  12. ____you____(see) the moon last night?
  13. We_______(miss) the bus. Now we'll have to walk.
  14. He_______(break) his leg in a skiing accident last year.
  15. A: ______the newspaper ______(come)? B:Yes, Ann is reading it.
  16. I can't go out because _________I (not finish) my work.
  17. A: I______(never drink) whisky. B: Well, have some now.
  18. A: When___he____(arrive)? B: He________( arrive) at 2.00.
  19. A: I_____(fly) over Loch Ness last week. B: ______you_____(see) the Loch Ness monster?
  20. My brother_______(write) several plays. He ________(just finish) his second tragedy.
  21. Shakespeare______(write) a lot of plays.

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