Sunday, 16 September 2012

Exercises : Present Simple/Continuous

The Present Simple Tense / The Present Continuous Tense

  1. 'How do you start on a film?' I _______________(read) the script and _____________(make) notes.'
  2. 'I_________(make) notes of our interview. I hope you don't mind.' No,that's OK.'
  3. 'What languages ________(you speak)?' 'English, French and Spanish.'
  4. 'I'm glad we______(do) this interview in English. My French______( not/be) very good.'
  5. 'Who_____(play) that guitar?'My son, when he has time.'
  6. 'Who_____(play) the piano upstairs?'My sister.She's got a concert tomorrow.'
  7. 'What_____(she play)' 'I think it's a piece by Mozart.'
  8. '( She play ) anything else?' ' The violin. She's very musical.'
  9. 'Your daughter's very keen on sport, isn't she?' She______(play) tennis.'
  10. 'Where is she now?' 'She______(play) tennis, as usual.'
  11. 'What's that delicious smell?' 'My husband_______(cook).'
  12. 'Is that usual?' 'Yes,normally I_______(shop) and my husband______(cook).'
  13. 'What a lovely clock!' ' It _______(not work), I'm afraid-it's been broken for years.'
  14. 'Could I use your phone?' I'm afraid it__________(not work) at the moment.'

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