Thursday, 24 October 2013

Future Continuous/Future Perfect

Future Continuous/Future Perfect

1. This time tomorrow, Peter on a beach in Majorca. (sunbathe)
2. Wake me up by 7 o'clock - I long enough by then. (sleep)
3. Look, I can give you a lift to the station - I that way anyway. (drive)
4. It's strange that when we get to Sydney, we half way round the world. (fly)
5. Don't phone me between 7 and 8. We breakfast then. (have)
6. Phone me after 8 o'clock. We dinner by then. (finish)
7. Tomorrow afternoon we're going to play football from 3 o'clock until 4.30. So at 4 o'clock, we football. (play)
8. Do you think Sarah the same job in ten years' time? (still/do)
9. By the time you get home I the house from top to bottom. (clean)
10. Tom is on holiday and he is spending his money very quickly. If he continues like this, he all his money before the end of his holiday. (spend)

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