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Complete  the second sentence so that it means the same as the first, using no more than three words. Contractions ( shouldn't , didn't , needn't..) count as one word. The first one is done for you.
( Dovršite drugu rečenicu tako da ima slično značenje sa prvom, ne koristeći više od tri reči.
Skraćenice ( shouldn't , didn't , needn't..) se računaju kao jedna reč. Imate prvu rečenicu koja je urađena.)

a)      I'm sure you dropped your wallet at the bus stop.
You must have dropped your wallet at the bus stop.

b)      Maybe Peter missed the classes.
      Peter _________________the classes.

c)      Jack knew how to skate when he was ten.
Jack _________________ skate when he was ten.

d)      Emma was wrong not to tell you the answer.
Emma _________________you the answer.

e)      It wasn't necessary for us to pay to get in.
We_________________pay to get in.

f)        I'm convinced that Susan didn't steal your money.
Susan_________________your money.

g)      Perhaps Lazar didn't see you.
Lazar_________________seen you.

h)      Maria washed her clothes, but it wasn't necessary.
Maria_________________her clothes.

i)        It wasn't necessary  for me to learn from all three books.
I didn't _____________from all three books.

j)        It was not good we worked so much.
We_________________worked so much.

k)      You were wrong to study so late!
You_________________so late!

l)        Did you manage to stop him?
Were you_________________stop him?

m)    It wasn't necessary to work hard.
I didn't_________________work hard.

n)      Perhaps Tim has lost his way.
Tim_________________his way.

o)      It was possible for you to hurt yourself.
You could _________________yourself.

p)      It would have been a good idea to tell me.
You should_________________me.

q)      I'm sure the class enjoyed it.
The class must_________________it.

r)       I cooked dinner but it wasn't necessary.

s)       I'm sure it wasn't a postman.
It _________________a postman.

t)        It wasn't necessary to do any homework yesterday.
I ___________________any homework yesterday.

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