Thursday, 31 October 2013

PAST SIMPLE / PRESENT SIMPLE (elementary level)


1.       I usually________( have) breakfast  at 7 a.m. every morning, but yesterday I ________(have) it at 6a.m.
2.     On  Sunday evenings I________(watch) TV, but last Sunday evening I __________(not/watch) it.
3.     They sometimes________( go) out with their friends, but two weeks ago they________                 ( not/want) to.
4.     Susan ________(be) usually very hard working. However, I must admit that last time she ________(not/seem) to be working at all!
5.     The baby________(drink) some apple juice every afternoon, but yesterday he ______(drink) pear juice.
6.     During my English lessons I ________(speak) English. Sometimes I forget and ________(speak)  Serbian.
7.     They________(drive) to Chicago every weekend, but last weekend they________ to Oak Park.
8.     My parents usually ________(pay) for my books and they ________(pay) them last time.
9.     We ________(meet) our friends in front of the cinema last night, but usually we________(meet) them in front of the theatre.
10.  A long time ago people________(think) that the sun ________(go) round the earth.

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