Thursday, 28 November 2013

Past Simple - exercises

Put the correct forms of the verbs into the gaps. Use Simple Past in the statements

  1. They ______something to drink. (order)
  2. Last summer I ________to Stuttgart. (go)
  3. She_______her homework in the afternoon. (do)
  4. He______ to 10. (count)
  5. Our cat______a big mouse. (catch)
  6. In 2011 our class_______a trip to Norwich. (go)
  7. The weather _______really nice. (be)
  8. ____your brother____hello to people in the street? (say)
  9. ____the ladies ____a cup of tea in the cafe? (have)
  10. The secretary_______the file yesterday. (delete)
  11. Paul_____nothing to me. (say)
  12. ____your mother____breakfast last morning?(make)
  13. The people ________something to each other. (whisper)
  14. ____the teacher___the windows in your classroom?(open)
  15. They_______ at their bags. (look)
  16. My parents ______(not/look) after the children.
  17. Where_______(be) my pencil?
  18. Some students___________(not/want) to take the exams.
  19. Why________(be) you so angry with me yesterday?
  20. They___________(not/eat) spaghetti.
  21. Susan_______(cook) dinner.
  22. Pupils in our class_______(be) very late.
  23. Our boss_______(give) us some new tasks to do.
  24. Where_____you_____(go) yesterday?
  25.  My dog______(be) outside few minutes ago.

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