Wednesday, 20 November 2013

The Past Simple-exercises

  1. Peter _____in Paris ten years ago. (live)
  2. He as a teacher there. (work)
  3. His flat near the Sacre Couer .(be)
  4. He see the Tower Eiffel from her window. (can)
  5. His flatmate (be) Antoine. He (be) a painter. He (paint) beautiful portraits.
  6. Peter (have) a small green car. He (drive)  her car to work every day but he her bike on Sundays. (ride)
  7. Peter   crêpes every day.(eat) They delicious! (be) He sometimes (drink) some red wine. He    (not eat) scargo. Peter (not like) snails.
  8. His best friend Anette (live) in Versailles. peter sometimes (visit) her. They (play) tennis or (go) on picnics. On rainy days they (play) cards or (watch) a film. 

       II.      Robert: Hi Alice, what   you  last weekend? (do)
Alice: I   (do)  a lot of things. On Saturday, I   (go)  shopping.
Robert: What   you  (buy)?
Alice: I   (buy)  some new clothes. I also  (play) tennis.
Robert: Who   you  (play) ?
Alice: I   (play) Tom.
Robert:  you  (win) ?
Alice: Of course I  (win)!
Robert: What  you   (do)  after your tennis match?
Alice: Well, I   (go)  home and   (take)  a shower and then  (go) out.
Robert:   you  (eat) in a restaurant?
Alice: Yes, my friend Jacky and I  (eat) at 'The Good Fork'
Robert:   you  (enjoy) your dinner?
Alice: Yes, we  (enjoy) our dinner very much thank you. We also   (drink) some wonderful wine!
Robert: Unfortunately, I    (not/go) out this weekend. I   (not/eat)  in a restaurant and I  (not/play) tennis.
Alice: What  you    (do)?
Robert: I   (stay) home and   (study) for my test!
Alice: Poor you!

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