Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Past Simple/Continuous

 Past Simple/Continuous

Read the text. Choose the correct verb forms.

The rock band Van Halen always had/were having a rider in their contacts asking for bowls of M&M chocolates in their dressing room – but with all the brown ones taken out!
The band were including/included their rider because they wanted to check if their promoters read the contract properly. If the band found/were finding any brown M&M s while they were getting/got ready to go onstage, they knew that there would be problems at the gig.

For example, the following accident happened/was happening when they were doing/did a gig in Colorado. While the technicians were putting/put up the equipment, some of it
was crashing/crashed to the floor. It was costing/cost $80,000 to repair the damage. Interestingly, the promoters at that gig forgot/were forgetting to take the brown M&Ms out of the bowls.

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