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Phrasal verbs

clear out
sort out
give away
throw away
take sth out
tidy up the room
put sth away
throw sth out
go through

Just get rid of it!

Is your home full of stuff that you never use? If so, the time has come to get rid of all your junk and create a peaceful, relaxed atmosphere in your home.

·        Give yourself at least two hours to clear out a room.
·        Make space on the floor and empty all the cupboards and drawers.
·        Sort out the things you haven't used for six months and make three piles :
1)      things to give away
2)    things to throw away
3)    things to keep
·        Put the first and second piles into separate rubbish bags and take them out the room.
·        Allow yourself one junk drawer in each room for the stuff you can't decide about.
·        Tidy up the room and put everything away, then sit down and enjoy the calm space you have created.

And here's how to stop all your junk coming back.

·        Before you buy anything, ask yourself: Have I got something similar? Do I need it? Where will I put it?
·        When you buy something new, always throw something else out.
·        Go through the cupboards and drawers in a different room every month and throw away anything you don't need.

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