Monday, 9 December 2013



Speaking part

  1. Have you ever set off very early to catch a flight?
  2. What's the best way for tourists to get around your country?
  3. Do you bring back souvenirs from places you've been to?
  4. What's the worst problem you've ever had to deal with on holiday?
  5. What information do you have to give the receptionist when you check into a hotel?
  6. What's the earliest that you've had to check out of a hotel?
  7. Have you ever had to put up with noisy people in a hotel?
  8. Did anyone see you off when you last went on holiday?
  9. Did anyone pick you up from the airport or station when you got back?
  10. Are you looking forward to your next holiday?

II) Write these places, people and things on a piece of paper. Don't write them in order.

    • a friend you've known for most of your life
    • someone you met on your last holiday
    • something you've had for ages
    • something you got for your last birthday
    • a place you went to last year
    • a place you've been to this year

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