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Vocabulary -Weather

Vocabulary -Weather

a storm – very bad weather with lots of rain, snow, wind, etc. :
- There was a terrible storm last night.

thunder - the loud noise that comes from the sky during a storm:
-         The thunder last night woke me up. Also: a thunderstorm

lightning – a bright light in the sky caused by electricity during a storm, usually followed by thunder :
-He was hit by lightning and was taken to hospital.

a gale- a very strong wind: 
-There will be gales in northern parts of England tonight.

a shower – a short period of rain:
-It's just a shower, It'll stop soon.

a hurricane (or typhoon) a violent storm with very strong winds:
- Our house was damaged by a hurricane.

fog – thick cloud just above the ground or sea that makes it difficult to see:
-There's often a lot of fog early in the morning.

humid-when the air is hot and wet:
-It gets very humid in the summer.

a heat wave – a period of unusually hot weather that continues for a long time:
-We had a heat wave for two weeks last summer.

a flood- when a lot of water covers an area that is usually dry, especially when it rains a lot or a river becomes too full:
-There are floods in many parts of India.

a tornado (US: a twister) – an extremely strong and dangerous wind that blows in a circle and destroys buildings:
- There are often tornadoes in the Caribbean in the summer.


freezing  cold/chilly  cool  warm  hot  boiling

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