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Vocabulary: food and restaurants –intermediate level

Vocabulary: food and restaurants –intermediate level

What kind of  food or dishes do you associate with these countries? :


Speaking part:

Is food a pleasure for you?
What do you normally eat in a typical day?
Do you like to cook? Do you have enough time to cook?
Do you cook every day?
Do you sometimes eat 'unhealthy' food? Do you feel guilt after it?
Are you trying to cut down on anything at the moment?
What are common eating habits in your country?

heat up- to make cold food hot
eat out –to have a meal in a restaurant, not at home
wholemeal – made from brown flour
soup – a liquid food, often made of vegetables, e.g. tomatoes, onions
dish – food prepared in a particular way, e.g. sushi, lasagne, etc.
portion- the quantity you eat of a kind of food during a meal
stew - meat cooked for a long time in liquid, usually with vegetables
fat – food from animals or plants used for cooking, e.g oil, butter, etc.
takeaway- food you buy from a restaurant to eat at home

Make questions to ask your partner with the present simple or continuous. Ask for more information.

What/usually have for breakfast?
How many cups of coffee / drink a day?
Where / usually have lunch?
How often / eat out a week?
/ prefer eating at home or eating out?
/need to buy any food today?
/you hungry?/want something to eat?
/take any vitamins or food supplements at the moment?
/try to eat healthily at the moment?

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