Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Active / Passive

I) Turn the following sentences into a passive form ( past simple form) :

1. Peter gave the present to his mother.

2. Sara put her umbrella on the desk.

3. My father painted that picture.

4. Children did their homework.

5.Robert hit the ball.

6. Somebody stole the money from the bank.

7. Josh made a mistake yesterday.

8. They built the first 'Magic House' in 1997.

9. Ooooh, Peter ate all the food again!

10. Susan washed all her clothes. Now she doesn't have anything to wear. 

II) Acitve or Passive?

Put A next to the sentence if the sentence is in active form, and P if it's in the passive.

  1. Tony looked for a nice present for his mother._
  2. Sara was astonished by Peter's work._
  3. Many people like to give presents for Christmas._
  4. When we came, all the food was already gone!_
  1. I was told not to move._
  2. Some children ordered hamburgers for dinner._

  1. My father used to work in the office._
  2. It was all beautifully arranged!_
  3. An error occurred! _
10.Lots of food was eaten at the party._

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