Thursday, 8 May 2014

Prepositions- At/In/On - Time

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At five o’clock
At noon
At the weekend
At 6.15 p.m.
At midnight
At the moment
At present
At the same time
At the end
At Christmas

In December
In 1995
In spring
In the 60’s
In the 20th century
In the morning(s)/afternoons(s)/
In a few minutes/moments
In time
In the end (finally) 

On Saturday

On Saturday morning
On Saturday mornings
On Sundays
On New Year’s Eve
On Christmas Day
On time 


Put at/in/on on empty spaces:

1.There was a big noise__the end of the film.
2. We managed to do the task__the end.
3. They will come__few minutes.
4. Sara arrived just __ time to pack her bag. (before she needed)
5. John came exactly__time.
6. We usually have big breakfast__Christmas Day.
7. My family usually get together__Christmas.
8. I sometimes have a lot of things to do__the weekends.
10. He was born __21st of December,1988.
11. Sonia is making a cake__the moment.
12. Steve is occasionally here__noon.
13. We often have big lunch__Sundays.
14. The war ended__ 1995. 


Put in/on on empty spaces:

  1. I always have a day off__New Year’s Eve. 
  2. I usually go to the seaside__summer.
  3. There was no electricity __the 18th century.
  4. I was born __December.
  5. Susan is here__the end. (finally)
  6. This music was particularly popular __the 80’s.
  1. She will be here__few moments.
  1. I get some rest __Sundays.
  2. My parents rarely called me__the past.
  3. She is usually out__the evenings.
11.     We often eat out__on Saturdays. 
 12.     The children sometimes play in the garden__Sundays.

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