Saturday, 5 July 2014

Speaking-Google Servers

Speaking part:




60 minutes discussion:


1.    How many servers did James Pearn come up with at the end of his research?

2.    Does Google say how many servers they have?

3.    Why does Google keep it secret?

4.    Which methods did he use to count the number of servers?

5.    Did Google build and operate their centres from the very beginning?

6.     When did they start to build their own centres?


7.    How many centres did Google have until 12 January, 2012?


8.    Where are these centres placed?


9.    Were the locations of the data centres kept as a secret at first? What about now?


10.  Why are they called 'mega data centres'?


11.  Why are the public not allowed in Google data centres?


12.  Why do Google employees have restricted access to these data centres?


13.  What is the first method for counting the servers James Pearn uses in his research?


14. Try to describe the first method James mentions in his article in a few words.


15. Is this method precise enough to count the servers?


16. How precise is the method of counting servers based on energy consumption?


17. Who undertook the study of estimating the number of servers by using this method?


18. Is this method precise enough?


19. Can you describe this method in a few words?


20. What is the number of servers according to this research?


21. Are you surprised by any of these facts from the article?


22. Have you ever wondered about how many servers there are in Google?


23. Do you know any other methods that could be used in the research?


24. Did you enjoy the article? Why?/Why not?


25. Would you like to read about some other estimations? Why?/Why not?

Text written by James Pearn :  You can find the original text and comments on the following web address:

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