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What is your favourite meal? Do you like to try new recipes?

Do you sometimes cook for several days and then heat up your meal?

Do you like to cook? Why?/Why not?

Do you know to cook? If no, would you like to learn it?

Do you often go to the restaurants? Do you usually eat out?

What is important to you when eating out?
 -a nice atmosphere,      -good company,  -big meals?
What do you like to have for a starter?

Is there any special restaurant you like to go to?

Do you like more to prepare meals for yourself or you like to cook for others as well? 

OR maybe none of these?

What should you do with an orange if you want to get nice juice? To squeeze, peel, grind, bake?

What are some usual ways to prepare meat?

Do you like to barbecue in a garden with your family and close friends ? OR maybe somewhere else?

Do you like fast food, slow food, health food? Why? How do you like your meal to be prepared?


a)   eat out-to eat in a restaurant

b)   recipe-a set of instructions telling you how to prepare and cook food, including a list of what food is needed for this

c)   grill- to cook food over fire or hot coals, usually on a metal frame

d)   chop-to cut something into pieces with an axe, knife, or other sharp instrument

e)   mash- to crush food, usually after cooking it, so that it forms a soft mass

f)   roast- to cook food in an oven or over a fire
g)   bake-to cook inside a cooker, without using added liquid or fat

h)  heat up- to get warmer or hot       (

i)   steam-to cook food using steam

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