Wednesday, 20 August 2014

IT / THERE -rules and exercises



Put IT or THERE in the empty gaps:

1.   ___ 's a nice story.

2.   ___ a nice new market nearby.

3.   ___'s such a nice story. I've never heard something like this.

4.   ___ lots of things we can do this evening!

5.   ___ are many people out there who could help me with this problem.

6.   ____'s such a pity you can't come tonight. I'm so sad.

7.   ____'s a wonderful day! Everything seems so nice to me!

8.   I can't listen to this lecture any more.___'s so boring. I'm leaving.

9.   I'm sure___ are many things you can do with your hair.

10. Look! ____'s a new student I had been talking you about!

11. ___ seems to be a big problem going on!

12. ___ was one of the biggest wars in history.

13. ___ are lots of people in the disco.

14. ___'s one of the biggest skyscrapers in the world.

15. ___ 's been a long day! Have a rest now.

16. ___ were many people I'd  never met before.

17. ____ will be a long journey so we need to be prepared.

18. ____ are many funny jokes I'd like to share with you.

19. ____'s my new English teacher.

20. Oh no, ___'s raining again! What shall we do?

21. _____ are many handouts I need to hand in. Please help me.

22. ____ has been a long trip.

23. ____ will be lots of problems if you don't help me with this.

24. ____ is going to rain, could you give me a lift?

USE OF IT: you can use to acknowledge a specific thing, issue, situation, topic.
  1. It's such a great topic we can discuss about.
  2. It's a great book!

Drill: Put whether IT or THERE in all gaps: Only one of them is possible in all gaps:

1.   ____ 's such a nice day! We can go to the beach.

2.   ____'s a difficult task. Can you help me with this?

3.   ____ was a long meeting. I'm so tired. I just need a nap.

4.   ____ will be too difficult for me to finish it on time.

USE OF THERE: you can use it to talk about something for the first time:

  1. There seems to be a problem.
  2. There are lots of interesting places we could visit.
  3. You should visit There are lots of useful worksheets.

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