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Fill in the blanks with like or as:

1.  She works_____an engineer.
2.  He is not _____his brother.
3.  John was pretending______he was a monster.
4.  I hate companies______this.
5.  You're annoying_____usual.
6.  I enjoy cities ______ New York and London.
7.  You sound just______your mother.
8.  You should do_____your mother told you.
9.  I feel_____I've known you whole my life.
10. They seem_____they know the truth.
11. She is amazing ______always.
12. It's _____ a dog, but it isn't.
13. Peter is______his older brother.
14. Sonia works_____a truck driver! Amazing, isn't it?
15. It looks ____it's going to rain.
16. I eat wholemeal food _____ wholemeal bread and wholewheat spaghetti.
17. He seems _____he had a tough night.
18. I prepared lunch_____I promised.
19. Tom wants to work______an architect.
20. My brother looks_____Ben Affleck.
21. _____ a friend of yours I'd like you to think twice.
22. You are not so jealous _____ me.
23. I'll attend the class_____an observer.
24. I arranged my apartment______a small castle.
25. It was _____ a big storm.
26. She looked _____an old witch.
27. He gave it to me____ a present, so I don't have to give it back.
28. I don't like films_____this.
29. Talking to her is______talking to the wall.
30. The castle we saw is ______ a nice dream. 

AS-in the same way:
AS+Subject+Verb; AS+Subject
1.   She works as an accountant.
2.   You need to get things done as I told you.
3.   He seems as he had a tough night.

Drill: Use whether as or like in all sentences. Only one of them is possible in all sentences:
1.  Maria works______a teacher.
2.  I'm not beautiful_____you.
3.  You are strong _____ a bull!
4.  No one is amazing _____ she is!
5.  Will my eyes turn hazel____ my father's?
    6.  It's green_____spring. 

LIKE-means similar to or exactly the same as:
Like+noun ( like a dog)  or pronoun ( like that) or –ing suffix( like driving):
  1. She is like her father.
  2. She always behaves like that.
  3. It's like driving in dark.

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