Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Some tips on how to lose weight-Speaking


    Do you have any experience in losing weight? Do you know any person who tried to lose weight?

    You can give some tips as well. Write  down some advice for people who want to lose weight.

    Do people want to be thinner only because they want to look attractive? What do you think?

    What is the cause of growing obesity? What do you think may be the reasons?

    Can you lose weight only by playing sport and eating a lot whatever you like?

    Why is physical activity good in losing weight? Is it  good only because of spending some extra

    What sport would you recommend to  people who are starting with dieting?

    Do people need to exclude any kind of fat in their diet if they want to be slimmer?

    Do you think that some special diets can help people to be slim? Why?/Why not?


    Start tracking your progress from day to day. It would be easier for you to be objective.

    Don't be on a restrictive diet since you'll not get enough nutrients.

    Buy only the food you have planned to eat beforehand. So if you planned to eat apples as a snack, buy only them and avoid buying unnecessary things.

    There are certain researches that by consuming low-fat dairy products you can get rid of fat more easily.

    Apples are good for people who want to lose weight as they have acid that helps digestion.

    Use as less processed food as possible. Instead you should include wholemeal food into your diet.

    Try to do something to lose weight on a daily basis. Drink green tea with lemon for example instead of eating another snack.

    Hang out with people who are attractive and  try to observe  their way of eating (whether they eat slowly or fast, when they usually eat, how many meals they have.

    Don't add sugar to your lemonade or coffee. Yo might think it's not too much, but in fact at the end of a day-it is!

    Try to avoid going to fast food restaurants –if you don't have enough time you can grab some fruit + yoghurt instead. It's much faster :)

    Be prepared to some drawbacks as you are only a human being. So don't be desperate at those moments but try to keep going and continue with your plan.

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