Monday, 10 November 2014


Fill in the gaps with SO or SUCH :
1.      You are___stupid!
2.      They are _____ nice girls!
3.      I don't usually go to bed ____ late!
4.      There are ______many nice dresses.
5.      It was ______a nice weather!
6.      It's_____hot in here.
7.      There was____much traffic, I was not able to arrive on time.
8.      I didn't know she was _____young.
9.      It was _____a stupid idea!
10.    It's_____boring to be in an office the whole day!
11.    I think it's _____a demanding task.
12.    He's_____an idiot!
13.    She wears____nice clothes in my opinion.
14.    I don't know why I feel ____ happy!
15.    My best friend has_____a big nose!
16.    I have_____ many tasks I need to finish by tomorrow.
17.    They are_____nice people, aren't they?
18.    I was____exhausted I couldn't even sit in front of TV!
19.    My grandmother will be_____delighted when she hears the news!
20.    They have _____a nice baby!
21.    I was _____thrilled to get a good report.
22.    My mother was_____amazed how special we made her feel.
23.    I think it was_____a happy day!
24.    You're_____a happy man!
25.    Why are you in _____a rush?
26.    Susan has done____foolish things and now she regrets.
27.    It was____great food that I didn't want to stop eating.
28.    I told you_____many times to quit smoking, but you wouldn't listen.
29.    There was _____delicious food I would like to visit the restaurant once again.
30.    You are____romantic! I adore you!

SO is used with adjectives and adverbs:
You are so nice.
They are so annoying!
It was so hot that we didn't go.

Drill: Fill in the gaps with whether SO or SUCH. Use only one of them for all gaps:
1.   There were____many people we didn't know.
2.   It was ____ boring so I didn't stay any longer.
3.   Susan was_____tired so I didn't want to bother her.
4.   There are____many things to do that I want to try.
5.   She was_____exited about the trip she couldn't sleep all night!
6.   They are_____kind and nice.

SUCH- before nouns in plural or uncountable nouns:
They are such nice people.
We had such little time to finish all the tasks.
SUCH A- before countable nouns in singular: You're such a nice boy!

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