Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Possessive Adjectives: Our / Your /Their

Fill in the blanks with our, your, their:     ( Sometimes there are several options)

  1. Tom and Sonia are at the party.____ son is at home.
  2. We are here to help. ____ duty is to help people.
  3. The most important things in ____ lives, dear students, are to come.
  4. Jasna and Tim are best friends. ____ friendship still lasts.
  5. I had____ address, but I lost it.
  6. We live here . This is____ home.
  7. Peter is ____ roommate.
  8. Do you have ____  Grammar Books with you?
  9. The kidnappers are from France. ____ passports are fake.
  10. Tim, John, tell me something about____ new teacher?
  11. I know ______ sister, I met her long time ago!
  12. This is ____ new neighbour Lazar.
  13.  Where are ____ your children?
  14. I`ll find ____ phone number later.
  15.  Great! ____ team is going to win!
  16.  We brought ____ books with us.   
  17. They spent _____ holiday at the seaside.
  18. ____ teacher always tells us that we need to be more focused on classes.
  19.  ____ son is at the seaside.
  20. Where are_____ your books? – We`ve forgot them at home.
  21.  Look at_____lawn ! It`s fabulous!
  22.  We must do ____ homework so not to get bad marks.
  23. Thank you. We appreciate _____ help.
  24. Diana is_____ old friend. We met her five years ago at a conference.
  25. There are few cars in front of ____ house. I`ll go out and see what it`s about.
  26. So, tell me what are _____ books about?

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