Monday, 23 March 2015

Possessive Pronouns - MINE / YOURS / HIS / HERS / ITS

Fill in the blanks with mine, yours, his, hers, its :

  1. This shirt is_____.(I)
  2. I don't like Tom's garden, but I like____.(you)
  3. Here are your keys._____ are on the desk. (I)
  4. All the essays were excellent but ____ was the best. (He)
  5. ____ fur is brownish.(It)
  6. Tom has found his passport but Cynthia hasn't found _____.
  7. Throw away this old watch. ____ hands are broken.
  8. I don't like to borrow her things. I don't like what's _____!
  9. Cynthia is at her home and Tom is at_____.
  10. That's my notebook, and the book is____ too!
  11. That's my book. That's _____!
  12.  Is this John's book or______? (you)
  13.  I think this is not_____(you) and that is not_____(I).
  14. She's a friend of_____.(I)
  15. How's that sister of _____? (you)
  16. This is Masha's office. This is_____.
  17. Tim's new car is awful. I simply don't like anything that's _____.
  18. These boys are his children and those over there are _____.(she)
  19. This is her bag. This is______.
  20. This is his magazine. This is______.
  21. This is her notebook. This is _____.
  22. Those are her roses. Those roses are______.

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