Friday, 8 January 2016

Enough or Too?

Fill in the blanks with TOO or ENOUGH:
1.   These oranges are_____ripe. Don't eat them.
2.   I haven't been learning______. I don't think I'll pass the exam.
3.   My bag was_______ heavy, so asked a man to help me.
4.   There's ________food for everyone, so please help yourself.
5.   You are_______nervous and I don't want to talk with you.
6.   Being a student is_______stressful for me.
7.   You work hard________to make for a living.
8.   There are ________many things you need to change.
9.   Are you old_______ to drink beer?
10.What do you think is there ________drink for all of us?
11.This is_______. I can't take it any more!
12.All the bags were________heavy so we couldn't bring it.
13.I would like that we all have ________luck for the competition.
14.You don't have__________money so you can't buy a toy.
15.It's ________hot! We can't drink it!
16.I don't like to think if there will be________hot water for showering.
17.This is________risky situation, so I won't take a part in it.
18.My father doesn't have________time to pick me after school.
19.Many people don't have_______time for their children.
20.This is________ difficult task. I won't be able to solve the problem.
21.Do you have ________free time after school?
22.I don't think that just buying a present is_________. You need to apologize.
23.You're just_______little for me. I don't like short guys.
24.Is there________space for all of us?
25.You're ________ odd. I've never met a person like you.
26.Are you comfortable ________ with your boyfriend?
27.There are so many things I need to do but _______ little time!
28.Are you smart________to join Mensa? What do you think?
29.This is ________funny. I can't stop laughing!
30.What do you think, am I fit_______to put on this red dress?
31.This is________confusing but I finally figure out.
32.My friend is ________far away so we can't celebrate this NY together.
33.I had_______time to make some additional decorations.

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