Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Activity, Handout, Worksheet - THE PRESENT SIMPLE TENSE ; VERBS BE / DO / HAVE



Fill in the sentences with the proper forms of the verbs to be and to have.  
·     I_________ very hot in here. Could you turn some air-conditioning on?
·     The sky ________ very cloudy and black.
·     All of my friends_________cell phones! I really need one!
·     Susan__________one son and two daughters.
·     You__________a very nice dress!
·     There_________so many places I'd like to visit soon.
·     We__________lots of chores to do today.
·     You __________ great marks. I think you're getting better.
·     These tasks_________too difficult for us!
·     It________very hot and sunny outside.
·     There________some unusual spots on it. Come to see it.
·     They_________ a nice couple.
·     My daughter_________two
·     The pot ______very hot so
be careful!
·     We_________lots of new
products to offer.
·     This________funny!
·      My friends________ very kind.


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