Friday, 8 April 2016


Fill in the gaps with the proper phrasal verbs from the table at the right (several options are sometimes possible):

1.  It took her a while to __________   him.
2.  Listen everyone, it's time to stop talking and  __________   with our class.
3.  Children, it's time to stop playing around and finally _______ studying.
4.  Wake up! It's time to  __________ ! You'll miss the class!
5.  Although I couldn't speak the language, I managed to _________my meaning _______ when necessary.
6.  Our new boss is very easy to __________   .
7.  __________   from the stove, it's very hot!
8.  Don't let these problems _____you _________ too much.
9.  According to Fitness Magazine, there are eight simple ways to _________ belly bloat.
10.     Do you have enough to  __________ this month?
11.     It is hard to  __________ without a car.
12.     I've just telephoned her but couldn't  __________   .
13.     My little brown dog hid where no one was able to  __________   , so we had to ask for help.
14.     I don't know how, but the secret somehow  __________   .
15.     Be kind and  __________  from  my lawn!
16.     When do you usually  __________ in the morning?
17.     I always  __________ the stuff I don't need or give them away to some charity organisation.
18.     I don't think I can really  __________ what you're saying. Could you please explain it in more details?
19.      Tom won't  __________ with his crime, I'm pretty sure for that!
20.     Ok people stop talking please and  let's  __________   business now.
21.     I think my parents don't have any problems. I think they  __________   now.
22.      I suppose I'll  __________   early today and go fishing if my boss allows.
23.     The teacher's always  __________   me about my spelling.
24.     He kept talking to me and I couldn't get away from him.
25.     You won't  __________   with your fraud and you know it!
26.     The files are locked away and I can't  __________   them.
27.     We'll have to  __________   the problem of fixing our washing machine first.
28.     My grandmother needs a stick to  __________   .
29.     I didn't succeed to ______ my message_________ to my students.
30.     She didn't  __________   the bus I think. She actually missed the right station!
31.     Ok, people let's  __________  the text again, shall we?


phrasal verbs with GET ; PHRASAL VERBS

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