Monday, 27 February 2017

Present Simple - Verb TO BE

I) Fill in the gaps with am/is/are:
1.This house _____ small.
2.Pete _____ tall.
3.Susan and Tim _____ my best friends.
4.My name ______ Tess.
5.My roommates ______ really good friends.
6.I _____ an actor.
7.You _____ awesome!
8.The weather ______ great!
9.There ______ a great restaurant nearby.
10.What ______ your favourite colour?
II) Circle the correct answer:
1.My keys am/is/are on the desk.
2.Tom am/is/are a doctor.
3.You am/is/are fabulous.
4.This am/is/are ridiculous.
5.My children am/is/are at school now.
6.I am/is/are a bit hungry.
7.Darija am/is/are from Russia.
8.We am/is/are very friendly.
9.I am/is/are very tired.
10.You am/is/are my honey!
III) Questions with am/is/are
1.Who _____ your best friend?.
2.What ______ your favourite colour?
3.______ your parents at home?
4.______ I late for the test?
5.Where ______ you from?
6.Where ______ she now?
7._____ you thirsty?
8.How old ______ your brothers?
9.What colour ______ your eyes?
10.Why ______ this book so expensive?
11._____ you married?
12.Who _____ that woman?
13.Where ______ they now? We ______ late!
14.Where ______ you from?
15.What ______ the weather like today?
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