Tuesday, 17 October 2017

QUESTION WORDS - exercises

Fill in the blanks with the proper question words:

_________ is your favourite colour?
_________ colours are your eyes?
_________ is your favourite teacher?
_________ is the nearest bank?
_________ are you?
_________ is your brother now?
_________ do you usually go to bed?
_________ much time do you need to finish your homework?
_________ many friends do you have?
_________ is the nearest restaurant?
_________ can I buy hot dogs?
____________ is your favourite subject?
____________ have you talked to?
____________ is the weather like now?
____________ is your favourite TV show?
____________ often do you go to the gym?
____________ is my red T-shirt?
 ____________ time do you watch TV?
____________ are my glasses?
____________ are you so nervous?
____________ is in the house?
____________ old is your brother?
____________ much time do we have for the test?
____________ colour do you like most?


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